Episode 2 – Tiny Toons, Owls, Snowdays, Random Battles

Hazencruz talks about why Tiny Toons is responsible for the influx of furry fetish porn we saw in the early 2000’s on deviant art, while Christie describes how much he would definitely bang an owl. Matt carries on about how great snowdays are in up in Leafistan, and how much random encounter battles in video games gum up the works and artificially inflate the longevity of an RPG. We hear some Clegg Goss and play a shitty bit That Hazencruz threw together 30 minutes before the show,-before finally rounding out with how shitty children’s birthday parties are and what a cop-out it is to say “Nice!” to someone in response to something you don’t actually care about, instead of just telling them to fuck off.

Here Are Those TinyToon Stats
Kid Written Tiny Toons
Check out FightNight With Kimball and Clegg

YouTube Live Stream


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