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Episode 3: Part 2- Valentines Day Special

David Clegg Calls in via a phone and complains about phones then Clegg starts planning his crusade against Daylight savings. Raj hands out Tips for picking up girls at the bar while Hazencruz is busy making fag jokes. Join us for the exciting conclusion of Christies’ g̶r̶i̶n̶d̶r̶ Tinder Adventure.

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Episode 3: Part 1 – Valentines Day Special

We focus on reaching out to the community with Christie, our relationship advisor and expert, to help you lame asses pick up some pussy before summer. Hazencruz gets roasted by Raj on women’s rights issues and by everyone in the world for going more than a quarter of a century on earth with the belief that Alexander Graham Bell was black. Clegg calls in and talks women with us, and meanwhile Christie tries to hook a winner on Tindr. This episode ran long, so Matt made the audio engineer cut this in half, tune it for part 2.

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